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This is the blog of a public health worker in motion. Long-departed from my hometown of New York, I’ve left tiny footprints across Africa for some time now only to find myself in Lilongwe, Malawi – The Warm Heart of Africa.


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Kate, right?

nice shiny new blog!

enjoy Malawi – make sure to visit Mvuu when you can


Comment by Fred


i’m moving to lilongwe in march 2008 to work for the ministry of education. i’m 26, a policy analyst, specializing in HIV/AIDS & gender relations and from Canada. i’ve just been surfing the web, trying to find out about lilongwe and malawi, and came across your blog – which by the way is an impressive use of wordpress! my last contract was in south africa and i know no one in malawi, so thought it couldn’t hurt to post a comment, introduce myself and see where you’re at. if you have any words of wisdom i’d love you to pass them on

take care, claire

Comment by claire


I agree with the comment above – your blogs are impressive. Which is why i am reaching out to you. Over the past year, i’ve been working on a research project, documenting the lives of AID / Relief workers in the field. Specifically, I’ve been collecting stories from AID workers who have sent me email letters, pictures, etc – giving me insight to their lives, their struggles, their motivations, their issues, or whatever else they want me to know about themselves.

I’ve been fortunate in that the AID workers I’ve become email pals with have sent me some truly amazing and inspirational stories. If you are interested in contributing, I would be happy to send you more info about me and specifics of my project. I can be reached at Looking forward to hearing back.


Comment by Tonia

I love love love your blog K–just sayin’

Comment by Kate

I chanced on your blog on the recommendation of a friend of mine – another volunteer (in its purest sense) who worked as a midwife at Bottom (Bwaila) Hospital. I do agree with you – Malawi has this certain magnetism to those who visit it, live in the country and immerse themselves in its culture. Its either you love it or hate it.

I have met people who for the past decade or more keep coming back at least once a year to dedicate free time working at Kamuzu Central. I have met countless other volunteers leaving their comforts of home to do some act of charity/kindness. And also I have met several who after running through roadblocks and experiencing what they may consider to be their life’s worst experience, simply pack their bags and take the firrst available flight out of Kamuzu International Airport.


Comment by luc


Could you drop me an email: peter(at)theroadtothehorizon(dot)org …

I would like to request your blog to be included in the Aid Workers Network blog list.



Comment by Peter

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